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Excessive inventory

We are considering an item to be excessive when it will take more than 90 days to complete sold. This can be seen as a waste of space and money, but it is also a good way to ensure that you are able to make the best product possible.

If you have excessive inventory, then you will be able to keep track of the cost of each item and how much it costs to produce it. This can help you determine if it is worth keeping the item or if there are other options available which would allow you to save money without losing quality.

You can modify configuration of excessive inventory by clicking the Configuration tab.

Out of Stock

Out of Stock Inventory means that you have a product whose sales are still going up but there are no products available for sale right now. . When this happens, we recommend that you take steps to fill the inventory as quickly as possible so that you can keep up with your customers' needs.

Restock inventory

Restock inventory are those item which going to be out of stock in next 30 days based upon past 30 days’ sales records and current inventory stock. You need to make sure you have enough in stock to meet customer demand and to prevent customers from getting frustrated.

You can modify configuration of Restock inventory by clicking the Configuration tab.

Obsolute Items

Inventory is a company's supply of goods to sell, and obsolute item means that you have the goods, but you haven't sold them in the last 30 days.

Inactive Items

When you have inactive inventory, it means that there isn't any stock at all, and you haven't made any sales. This is the situation when your inventory is not being used.

Normal inventory

Normal inventory is items that will not be out of stock within 30 days and don't have too many units on hand based on the last 30 days' sales records.

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